The Oracle

The ball bounced back and forth from her to the wall as she kept throwing it mindlessly. She was bored, and that was all she could think of. She looked up the time and realized her parents won’t be coming home for another one hour. What would she do till then? Finally, losing her intrest, she got up and decided to get out of her house. The sun was peeking from behind this huge cloud. Slowly she began walking on the sidewalk when something caught her eye. A little white flower, covered in mud lay beneath her. Bending down, she picked up the flower and began walking. With her fingers, she gently brushed off the mud on it. Debating whether she should throw it away or not, she decided to keep it for a while to fiddle with. After a few more minutes of walking, she sat down on the nearest bench. The streets were empty except for her. Suddenly, she remembered this little old game with the flower. She chuckled realising how random the thought was and thinking whether she should play it or not. Getting a little excited, she took the flower and pulled out the first petal, “Love me” and then the second one, “Love me not.” Two down the road, she reached for the third petal with that one special person on her mind. She began pulling it out. With every petal her excitement grew and so did her hope. Her heart kept racing as she finally reached the last petal, pulling it out, saying “Love me.” Now she looked at the stem and realised the beautiful flower had gone missing. She threw it away and sat back with her mind wrapping around what the final petal had told her.

-Keerthu Vijas



Sitting on the parapet wall, she watched every person walking down the street. Her cigarette swinging in one hand and the other busy playing with a tiny rock that she had just found. Her frame relaxed as she leaned on the wall, noticing every passer by with the same curious mind. Everytime someone crossed, she wondered about their story. What they had been through? How did they end up here. She tried to break down each person’s life like a child trying to fit a puzzle. She wanted to go deep within a person’s mind and bond with them in a miraculous way. She knew how distant someone can be, the walls they can rise up. Maybe it was just their instinct to protect themselves. But most of all, she knew that every passer by has a life as vivid and as comples as hers.

-Keerthu Vijas


“What is love grandma?” her little grand daughter looked at her with curious eyes. Oh my, how much would she love to explain it to this little kid. She smiled and replied, “why are you asking sweetie?” “I want to know. People talk about it all the time” This particular question took her way past her age. Back to those days she travelled, when time had been pleasent. The days when everything seemed calm and innocent. The days when she would climb up the tree and pretend to be the princess, waiting for her prince. And one day, he had shown up. Not on a mighty horse carrying a sword, but on a pedal cycle carrying a bag of strawberries. He had looked at her that day, for the first time. A look that was clouded with admiration and confusion…

Something about those eyes had always made her feel strange. Not in a bad way, but in a wierdly wonderful way, she still couldn’t figure out. A look that had made her waiting for him, hiding behind the walls, waiting to see him for one more time.

This had lead her further on, to dream about him while sitting in her room. Thinking what would happen if he magically fell in love with her somehow. She had thought this was all a teenage dream that would never come true. But good grace, it had. They had got married. A beautiful and fulfilling marriage, if one might say. But even then, she couldn’t ever put in words about how she felt towards him. Sometimes, she felt that those four letters were a disgrace compared to how she felt. If only she could define it. Put it in words.

And now, she was eighty one and still had no clue to the question a 5 year old had just asked her. A simple question. She smiled and replied, “You will get to know, my darling. Everyone does.”

-Keerthu Vijas

Dark Hallows

Every minute felt like an hour. Every second felt so low. She took another sip from her drink hoping that this would put her to sleep. The messages from her friends popped up on the homescreen. As usual, she swiped them away and switched it off. She would rather sit in her basement and drink herself to death than talk to anyone. Her life had turned entirely upside down this year. She vividly remembered how she had been last summer, a bubbly and a cheerful person who had always thought life was going to be a fairytale. But then, the truth had knocked at her door with a series of misfortune situations. First her mom, then her husband. Taken to a place where she couldn’t reach out. She gulped another shot letting the drink burn her throat. Compared to the pain that she felt everyday, this was merely a pleasure. What has she got to live for anymore anyways? She had nobody to go to. So she would end her life by doing the one thing that makes her happy.

– Keerthu Vijas

Let it be

Her eyes moved over every inch of her body. She noticed every curve and every dent. Every mark and every skin. Somedays she would put on her favourite dress, and go outside. Other days, she would sit inside her room ashamed to be trapped in her body. While some called her pretty, others slammed her down for the extra pounds she carried. But is it really that bad? To be a little bit out of the body standars? Unable to stare at herself any longer, she moved across to her bed and laid down. The clock by the side, stated that it was time for breakfast, but she wouldn’t have today. Infact, she haven’t had breakfast in the past month. A part of the diet plan she was working on which seemed to be of no use now. Thinking about how her self opinion was dependent on others views, she felt it was pathetic. Maybe she shouldn’t care so much. Maybe it was time to let go and just start loving herself.

-Keerthu Vijas

Little snowflake

The little eyes curiously searching to grasp something. The little toes curling. The little hands rolled up into small fists. The tiny chest rising up and down rythmically. Her lips turning up slightly into a beautiful smile. She looked at her little daughter, her only hope, the rainbow in her life and wondered, what had she done to be given with such a preciois gift. She had never thought that she would get to be so lucky. The moment she knew she was carrying a baby, her entire world had flipped upside down. Everything she thought that mattered the most, didn’t. Every little detail reestablished. But she didn’t complain. That day, she had vowed to herself, no matter what happens, she would protect her little angel.

-Keerthu Vijas


She walked out of the cafe, her hands digged deep inside her coat pockets, trying to gather as much warmth as she could. She didn’t know if it was the weather or if it was her. The passing lights from the busy street relaxed her. She walked fast, with thousands of words trapped in her mouth that she never uttered and thousands of thoughts swirling around inside her head. The urge to shout out about how she felt was overwhelming her, back in the cafe, when she had been with him. Instead, she had silenced it all, trying to look as gathered as she could. She let him talk, let him say it all, only because she knew everything would be better left unsaid. She hoped for the pain to heal itself in time. Maybe someday, she might look back and regret not saying how she felt, but at this moment, this was a matter to be passed over in silence.

-Keerthu Vijas