The night was silent and she was outside, on her backyard with a blanket wrapped around her slim shoulders. The wood in front of her crackled as the fire slowly consumed it, its thirst quenching little by little. She added another log to the bundle afraid the light might go out. She waited and watched as the particles of fire flew into the sky and she felt herself loosen up. She chuckled at how one small thing can make someone so calm at the same time can also cause much chaos. The fire grew bold every second making the sky more distant. She silently wished that she could end every day of hers in this same way, alone and alienated from the rest of the world.

– Keerthu Vijas



She had taken a crowded bus to get here. The longing to get near the ocean and to feel the breeze was what made her through this day. She removed her sandals and let her foot feel the little grains of sand. Nowadays, it was the only thing that felt real in her life. She walked slowly towards the sea, the wind blowing across her face. The beach was deserted and she couldn’t be more thankful for that. The slight howling of the wind sounded like a lullaby to her. The waves dancing on this still night seemed to call her in. She slowly hit the water and the coldness of it sent a shiver through her body. She looked at the ships slowly sailing, going towards a destination and wondered what was her destination. She looked down and saw the water tracing the outline of her feet. She wanted to get in, swim with the waves, go wherever it takes but she knew she couldn’t. And sometimes she wondered, what would happen if she left everything behind and stayed there, forever, as another wave in the waters.

– Keerthu Vijas

The winds

She took a look around her appartment. Everything was perfect. Her life was moving so smoothly that she never really had to complain. She has had her best job, sufficient pay, made herself a living by the time she was 23. How many can say that? Anyone would take one look at her, and know that she is a perfectionist. And why is that, because she sets high standard for herself and she wouldn’t forgive herself if she failed to achieve them. Now, what she couldn’t explian was, her sitting in the house, in the middle of the week, with a glass of wine.

She has everything planned, under control, but… still….something was missing. Just didn’t feel right. She got out of the couch and went to the bookshelf to wipe off the newly set sheet of dust. She rubbed it off with her hand. Looking down, she saw how her fingers were stained from the dust. Without thinking twice, she rubbed it off her pants. She quitely looked at the neatly stacked books and suddenly pulled one from the middle and threw it on the ground. She began pulling out many books slowly emptying the shelf and forming a pile on the ground, like some clarity had suddenly hit her. And at that moment she thought, if all this time she was doing it wrong. If she was not supposed to strive for excellence but was just supposed to flow with the wind.

-Keerthu Vijas

Walk away

Do you feel stuck? Like your soul is trapped in this bizzare world where nobody really lives. In a world where everyone is just a machine in human disguise? Following rules upon rules set by who knows who. Not really questioning anything?

I do too.

And sometimes it is way too obvious to ignore. And the worst is, nobody knows how to get out of this. If you speak out, they drag you under. Accusations are made. Insane, Wierdo, creep. So what do you do? Maybe rise up and push aside the bars of this horrific cage we are stuck in? And Give ourselves a chance to sneak out? Away from this deranged place.

– Keerthu Vijas

The Devil

What happens when a volcano and a tornado fall in love? Both being the king and queen of destruction, one would assume it to be the perfect tale, atleast for them. When they colide, every other existence being broken down to pieces. Every little detail being shattered and taken away. But what if it was the love that had ticked their time. That had caused the silent hill to erupt and the crazy storm to rotate clamming down the entire sky to the ground. What if it was that tiny emotion to be put to blame. What if? Would these both still collide like romeo and juliet of the under earth and the sky. Or would they shut their hearts completely freezeing them and walk away. What if, it’s love that’s really the devil in most of the case. What if all of us are the victims of its vicious game. Do we walk away? Or stay?

-Keerthu Vijas

The Oracle

The ball bounced back and forth from her to the wall as she kept throwing it mindlessly. She was bored, and that was all she could think of. She looked up the time and realized her parents won’t be coming home for another one hour. What would she do till then? Finally, losing her intrest, she got up and decided to get out of her house. The sun was peeking from behind this huge cloud. Slowly she began walking on the sidewalk when something caught her eye. A little white flower, covered in mud lay beneath her. Bending down, she picked up the flower and began walking. With her fingers, she gently brushed off the mud on it. Debating whether she should throw it away or not, she decided to keep it for a while to fiddle with. After a few more minutes of walking, she sat down on the nearest bench. The streets were empty except for her. Suddenly, she remembered this little old game with the flower. She chuckled realising how random the thought was and thinking whether she should play it or not. Getting a little excited, she took the flower and pulled out the first petal, “Love me” and then the second one, “Love me not.” Two down the road, she reached for the third petal with that one special person on her mind. She began pulling it out. With every petal her excitement grew and so did her hope. Her heart kept racing as she finally reached the last petal, pulling it out, saying “Love me.” Now she looked at the stem and realised the beautiful flower had gone missing. She threw it away and sat back with her mind wrapping around what the final petal had told her.

-Keerthu Vijas


Sitting on the parapet wall, she watched every person walking down the street. Her cigarette swinging in one hand and the other busy playing with a tiny rock that she had just found. Her frame relaxed as she leaned on the wall, noticing every passer by with the same curious mind. Everytime someone crossed, she wondered about their story. What they had been through? How did they end up here. She tried to break down each person’s life like a child trying to fit a puzzle. She wanted to go deep within a person’s mind and bond with them in a miraculous way. She knew how distant someone can be, the walls they can rise up. Maybe it was just their instinct to protect themselves. But most of all, she knew that every passer by has a life as vivid and as complex as hers.

-Keerthu Vijas